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Static websites built with Jekyll:

Web Apps

Contact form

A multilingual contact form that works with any standard HTML form backend.

Current status: Finished

Payload Builder

A simple web application that can be used to create attack strings for buffer overflow / format string attacks. Since it is my first JavaScript/TypeScript/React project the code may not be pretty ;D

Current status: Finished

Link shortener

A simple URL redirector / link shortener for my personal use.

Current status: Finished

Fake Kali Linux login

A small web app that tries to look like the Kali Linux login screen. It can also simultate booting and shutdowns.

Current status: Finished

Fake Windows 10 login

A small web app that tries to look like the Windows 10 login screen.

Current status: Mostly finished

Did someone touch this?

A small web app to detect tampering with your belongings. It compares a picture from before you left to an picture taken after you left and highlights changed areas. It also helps ensure that both pictures are taken from the same position, angle and distance.

Current status: Finished

Split secret

Split a secret into shares, that only reveal the secret if a certain number of shares is known.

Current status: Finished

Reveal secret

Companion app for "Split secret", that reveals the secret again

Current status: Finished

Deceptive redirect

A small web app to create innocent looking links that will redirect visitors to arbitrary locations.

Current status: Prototype


  • React template: The template that is used for most of my web apps. It features support for small display, multilingual text and minification.


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